Hush my little darling, now don't you cry.

Photo by Tim Walker

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agnes zei

someone please give me that bed,, I want to stay there forever.

jules zei

Oh goodness! This is so great! Lovely lovely bed.

Hannah zei

I love Tim Walker's work. I really, really want a copy of his book.

rachellovespeace zei

your blog is so lovely. nice to meet you.

elle moss zei

Love Tim Walker...this is one of my faves...just soooo lovely in every way. :)

Constanze Jo. zei

i love that song, i love all that photography!

constance zei

i don't usually like tim walker but that photograph is love!
your blog is wonderful by the way!

scisi zei

wow so i always find ur blog so dreamy poetic and surreal

i've loved this image since i first so it in vogue.

its so beautiful

Girl next blog zei

Oh, I wanna sleep there! You can only have fairy tale-ish dreams there!


colette rose zei

love this !


this is one of my favourite images of all time. walker is a genius. love your blog u post cool pics. i've noticed you post alot of photography is that some thing you do as well?

Valentine zei

oh my.. a night in that bed would definitely do wonders for my weary, weary head..

tim walker is amazing.

vintageveggie zei

princess and the pea! fabulous blog dear.

Arrie zei

I really love Tim Walker's work and this is absolutely one of my favourites. So beautiful !

shockboogiedesign zei

Lovely lovely blog you have here.


Fellow tPFer

Anoniem zei